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Bring your favorite
moments to life

Upload your favorite image and create
a sparkling DIAMOND DOTZ® heirloom

Bring Your Memories to Life

Bring Your Memories to Life

Simply upload your favorite image of your loved one, family, friend, pet or anything you like.

Designed with love

Designed with love

Our specialized designers will take care of your image, making sure you get the best possible DIAMOND DOTZ® art kit

Delivered to your door

Delivered to your door

Hold on while we create your personalized DIAMOND DOTZ®. Your order will be shipped to you very soon.

Made with the highest quality

Made with the highest quality

From the substrate and print process to the adhesive and the diamond facets, we have used the highest quality materials to ensure that your personalized DIAMOND DOTZ® art will meet your expecation.


100% woven polyester, fold resist


Engineered specifically for the DIAMOND DOTZ®

Diamond Facets

Premium 13 surface, 2.8mm epoxy resin

Easy to Do

The DIAMOND DOTZ® technique is remarkably easy to master, whether you are a beginner or not.

Start to Finish - in no time!

DIAMOND DOTZ® is one of the quickest crafts to complete, while still providing a wonderful sense of accomplishment!

Spectacular Results!

The stunning sparkle of each facet and the superior canvas quality make for a completed project like none other!